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Hipster Owl is Not a Vegan

So apparently this post never… posted. Here it is now!

Greetings all! Rustyfeathers has been a popular name lately, and i’ve been up to my eyeballs in freelance brochures and logo design, custom wedding invitations, and – i just made the commitment to join Hawkfest for another year of selling my art and t-shirts at Lake Erie Metropark.

So, big things on the horizon, guys. i will post some updates and let you know what i’ve been up to and what i’ve learned about design in these past few months.

Hipster Bird is not a Vegan - my first sale on Etsy!

Hipster Bird is not a Vegan – my first sale on Etsy!

But first, perhaps my biggest news of all: this month i uploaded my first Etsy listing and last week, made my first sale. Today i shipped it and it is out the door! Hopefully everything goes to according to plan, and Luke in New South Wales Australia will be my first happy customer.

The biggest thing i’ve learned about shipping prints: don’t try to ship it FedEx.

Yesterday at Kinko’s the gentleman at the counter priced shipping a 2″x25″ kraft mailing tube to Australia at about $88.

You heard me.

What were they going to do, slip it under the guy’s pillow?¬†Cover it in chocolate buttons? Dip it in yoghurt?

So, my first line of advice for selling on Etsy: i know it’s confusing, but do your shipping research. Going to the post office is a lot less comfortable than breezing through your local ¬†FedEx office on a Sunday afternoon, but in the end, they were able to ship the tube for a total of $12.75.

Stay tuned for hopefully many more Etsy listings this summer!