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Hello world!

i thought the WordPress-supplied subject line was appropriate.

Hello world! My name is Sarah. i am an art director by day, freelance designer by night living just north of Detroit.

My work is influenced largely by growing up with an affinity and respect for nature, and also by my years living in Detroit while i went to school for design. My experience with Detroit didn’t stop there – we live less than a mile from the Detroit border, and stay abreast of the incredible socioeconomic / cultural movement bubbling up in the city. Read about how The Dream of the 90’s is Alive in Detroit.

i’ll make a confession. When i received my BFA {double concentration in graphic design and drawing} in 2008, i had a poor idea of what it meant to be a designer. i took on a position at a printing company as a pre-press assistant, making plates, checking files, and even performing physical labor like packing boxes on an assembly line and moving hundreds of pounds of ballots in a hot warehouse for 8 hours a day. i dreamed of a day when i would find a job as the head designer for Lake Erie Metropark or something.

i never got that job designing for wildlife, but i did eventually pass through a marketing manager position and end up as an art director for a fairly progressive company. Now i find myself indulging in design blogs, news and trends in order to make my magazine the best it can be – and i discovered something else.

Being a designer {especially in a big city} is not a 9-5 job. It’s a cult, a highly skilled trade, a profession, a way of life.

i’d like to dedicate this blog to my journey into that cult, and share with you my experiences so that everyone might understand that this is the way i want my life to be.

There’s so much more to it than i thought.

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